The Different Concepts Used On Joshweiser.webs.com

  1. Where did the name Joshweiser come from?

    The truth is, I don't exactly know. When I was much littler, my dad always used to call me Joshweiser (yes, I asked him for the spelling way back when). I really don't know why, there might've been something behind it, maybe not. However, I do know that it was a play on the name Joshua (my real name). When I started going on the computer years ago, I always chose my username to be Joshweiser. Some variences were Joshweiser22 and Joshweiser98, only because the name Joshweiser was somehow taken and I was born on the 22nd of April, 1998 but even still, i've always kept myself known as Joshweiser. And for years, as I created more and more accounts. YouTube, FanFiction, etc. it's always been Joshweiser until finally, that's become my name known on the internet.

  2. What is a Trekkie/Trekker?

    A Trekkie or as some like to be called, a Trekker, is someone who likes the show Star Trek. Much like the Brony fanbase, it started out with not a lot of people liking it and all of a sudden grew into a huge fanbase. Now, most people know the different famous lines like Spok's "Live Long And Prosper". Although the show has ended, a movie for Star Trek was recently released in 2009 and has said to be in production for a sequel. All this means is that the Trekkie legacy lives on.

  3. What is a Brony?

    A Brony is a boy or man who watches and likes the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If it's a girl or woman, they're also Bronies but can be specified into a smaller category called Pegasisters. The Brony community is a huge society of people, thousands and thousands, all over the world, and is still growing. Documentaries are being made. Conventions are being created. Original Characters are being thought of. All because of the one show. No one is forced to watch the show but for those who say they hate the show and have never watched it, the brony community seriously advises you watch a few episodes. You don't know until you try. The Brony's policy is to Love and Tolerate and as cheezy as that sounds, it's very smart. Because of this, if someone who hates Ponies (and maybe sometimes Bronies) becomes a Brony himself, no one will hold any grudges. Bronies welcome everyone into the herd.

  4. How did the merge between Trekkies and Bronies come to be?

    Nobody exactly related Trekkies and Bronies before the first two-part episode of the second season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. In this episode, there was a character named Discord. He was fond of chaos and making trouble for the ponies of Equestria. This already sounded like a certain character from Star Trek named Q but there was more. Whenever Discord would disappear or cause something to happen, he would snap his finger and a bright flash of light would appear, again, like Q. Finally, the biggest pointer was that Discord WAS in fact Q, or at least was the voice of Q. John DeLancie, the guy who played Q in Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was the voice actor for Discord, a character who was clearly based apon Q. Even Lauren Faust herself (the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic), also being a Trekkie, said that she wanted the character to resemble Q but was very surprised to find out that John DeLancie was actually available. Ever since that episode, fan art and fanfictions were exploading with crossover between Star Trek and MLP:FiM because, not so surprisingly, many of the adults who were Trekkies actually became Bronies when the Brony fandom started.

  5. What is a FanFiction?

    A FanFiction is a work of literature that's based off of an already existing idea. Most are based off of TV shows or movies but they can also be based off ot other ideas like video games, books, and even other FanFictions. Lots of times, the people who write FanFictions write them about two ideas coming together where a character from one show meets a character from another. It even works with cartoons traveling into the real world or vice versa. Although FanFictions use already created characters and sometimes make references to events from their repsective idea, the story itself is completely created from the author's mind and it really helps people express the way those author's interpret other author's works.

  6. What is an OC?

    OC stands for Original Character. An OC is a character that is thought of based apon an idea already used. In other words, instead of a fanfiction, it's a fancharacter. For example, in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, obviously, all the characters are ponies who have their own cutie mark. If you were to create your own OC based apon MLP:FiM, it would be a pony with it's own cutie mark but it can't be a character that's already been made. It's your own pony with your own cutie mark and your own storyline and even your own design. It even works with shows that aren't cartoon based like Star Trek where you could create your own character from a species. It could even be human although that wouldn't be too original because most stories that aren't fanfictions have the main character as their own OC Human.

  7. What is an LP?

    An LP stands for Let's Play. Let's Play's are a series of videos that are in a walkthrough form, explaining how to start, play, and defeat a specific video game. They can litterally range from games so simple as Pong where you would explain how to move your paddle, rebound the ball, and different tricks you may be able to use, to MMORPG's like Wizard101 where you have multiple ways to defeat the game and you can explain how doing this a different way would change the gameplay. In other words, it's a video version of a video game walkthrough.

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